IIDEX/NeoCon 2007 Introducing the multi-sensory Kapsel™: A functional space that stimulates the senses. Create an oasis of calm and relaxation in a busy office. Project soothing sounds and aromatic scent to create a tranquil space to recharge and re-focus employees.

Kapsel™ allows designers to create custom envi- ronments without the use of traditional building materials. The utilization of lightweight tubular frames    allows   us   to  create   custom    knockdown
  environments skinned in any material with no restric-tions on size or form.

We are able to create extremely functional creative environments to be used within existing interiors. High impact multi-sensory environments can elevate brainstorming sessions to a higher level. By integrating full color graphics, light, sound and scent, the audience is totally immersed, creating a unique memorable experience.


Inquire about Kapsel™ custom solutions for retail, hospitality and medical applications.